Sedum Plus Green Roof Mat

Sedum Plus Green Roof Mat

Lindum SedumPlus is a pure sedum mat, sustainably grown in the UK and sown with sixteen stunning varieties of sedum to combine drought tolerance with extended interest and colour throughout the growing season. 

 The ideal choice for lightweight extensive green roofs, it is drought tolerant and therefore needs only a shallow substrate layer. It is also suited to situations that need low growing plants and minimal maintenance.

The sixteen varieties of sedum offer a huge variety of colour and interest, as well as enhancing biodiversity. Colours range from green through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns. The plants also offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures when planted together.

Minimum substrate depth is 30mm although depths of 50mm-75mm will allow for stronger and more attractive growth.

Lindum SedumPlus is grown at our nursery in the Vale of York allowing for fresh harvest and rapid delivery from field to roof.

Sedum Plus Green Roof Mat Varieties

Technical Information

 Sedum Plus Green Roof  Mat