Once established, mats require very little maintenance. The Lindum Biodiverse Green Roof Mat requires one light cut in late autumn. SedumPlus will require occasional hand weeding to remove wind-blown seeds.

After installation Lindum green roof vegetation mats must be watered immediately and the water needs to have soaked well in to the substrate layer beneath. This can be checked by lifting up a corner of the vegetation mat. Do not let the vegetation mat dry out at any point during the first 4-6 weeks.

Once the mats are established, there should be no need for irrigation except in extreme prolonged drought or where aesthetic value in dry periods is important 

The vegetation mats should be watered through the first growing spring/summer season. Vegetation mats are designed to be drought tolerant. Where aesthetic value is important irrigation in particularly dry periods may be necessary.

Do not fertilise before or after laying vegetation mats. Lindum’s vegetation mats perform best in low fertility situations. Fertilising more will only encourage other grasses and weeds to grow.

All green roofs must be checked annually to ensure all drainage outlets are clear. This will help to avoid over-saturation of the green roof.  Maintenance visits should be carried out at least once a year, and ideally twice a year, for the first two years.

Maintenance procedures carried out at each visit could include the following:

  • Removal of unwanted plant material
  • Correction of any localised plant system problems
  • Replacement of any failed plants exceeding 5% of total plants installed
  • Removal of dead flower heads if required
  • Checks on outlets and drainage
  • Replenishment of any areas of settled substrate