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Lightweight Green Roof Substrate

Lindum’s Extensive Green Roof Substrate is a blend of 100% recycled crushed brick (2-5mm) and green waste compost (0-10mm). The specially matured and graded recycled green waste compost provides optimal stability and minimal leaching of organic matter and nutrients.  The compost is mixed with carefully selected and graded clay aggregate made from recycled UK-sourced clean brick and tile.  The substrate has an air-filled porosity greater than 20% v/v to provide good drainage, strong root action and robust healthy growth.  Available in 1m3 tote bags, 25 litre heat-sealed bags, or in bulk, Lindum’s Extensive Green Roof Substrate provides a high quality green roof growing medium with green provenance – i.e. peat-free derived from 100% recycled UK-sourced materials.

 Also available:

  • Lindum Lawn Roof Substrate: incorporates sterilized reclaimed soil
Product reference Lindum Extensive Green Roof Substrate
Material 100% Recycled crushed brick and green waste compost
Depth Sedum Plus: 50mm (minimum)-75mm (preferable)
Wildflower & Sedum: 75mm (minimum)- 100mm (preferable)
Saturated Weight

At 50mm settled depth= 50kg per square metre

At 75mm settled depth= 75kg per square metre

Bag sizes 1m³ tote bags
25 litre heat sealed bags
Bulk loose
Maximum Volume Per Pallet 1m³ x 1 x 1m³ tote bags
  1.5m³ as 60 x 25 litre bags
Delivery options Pallet delivery services for small orders
Flat-bed arctic wagon for crane uplift
Rigid with tail lift

Area Covered

Sedum Plus:











Wildflower & Sedum

Bag Size Depth
m covered

1m³ tote

50mm 19.00m²
1m³ tote 75mm 12.50m²
25 litre 50mm 0.48m²
25 litre 75mm 0.31m²
Bag Size Depth
1m³ tote 75mm 12.50m²
1m³ tote 100mm 9.50m²
25 litre 75mm 0.31m²
25 litre 100mm 0.24m²
*Please allow for 5% settlement when ordering
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