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 Green Roof Vegetation Mats

Lindum has developed a range of Vegetation Mats to suit the requirements of different types of green roof in the UK. 

The range includes varying combinations of Wildflowers, Sedum, Herbs, and other plants to suit different environments and to combine biodiversity with the drought tolerant characteristics of specific plants.

Lindum's Wildflower & Perennial Mat has been developed using a range of wildflower varieties for biodiversity and colour, and including some Sedum varieties for their drought tolerance. SedumPlus contains sixteen stunning varieties of Sedum to provide a more colourful and interesting display than traditional Sedum monocultures. Lindum Wildflower Mat contains a mixture of wildflowers and and flowering perennials and is designed to replicate a more traditional wildflower meadow on a roof.  Lindum Low Maintenance Grass Mat has been designed for situations requiring a grass finish in low maintenance situations.

All Lindum's green roof vegetation mats are sustainably grown in the UK. Lightweight and easy to install, they are supplied ready to roll out as an instant vegetation layer with the plants established and growing in a strong felt mat made from recycled British Textiles.