Lindum green roofs are designed to be a simple system that is easy to install above the waterproof membrane. Lindum’s green roof package is simple enough to be self-installed or it can easily be installed by a roofing contractor.

The Lindum green roof package can be installed on flat roofs and on pitched roofs up to 30 degrees without additional irrigation. Slopes of over 25 degrees may require additional slope stabilisation measures to avoid slippage of substrate and may require additional anchoring of the vegetation layer. Lindum can supply slope stabilisation options if required.

All vegetation mats for green roofs must be laid within 24 hours of arrival on site in summer and within 48 hours in winter. Vegetation mats should be laid on to damp substrate of a minimum depth of 50mm and 75mm-100mm is recommended for the Lindum Wildflower & Sedum mat.

If there any delays with installing your green roof product it is recommended that all vegetation mats be unloaded from the pallets, unrolled and watered immediately.

Details can be provided of specialist green roofing contractors on request.