Sustainability & Production  

If green roofs are to be a major part of a sustainable approach to landscape management, then it seems logical that the production of green roof vegetation mats be carried out in a sustainable manner with due care for the environment.

Protecting the environment and ensuring we use products that are sustainable and beneficial to wildlife is core to everything we do and produce at Lindum.

During production pesticide and fertiliser inputs are kept to a minimum by using varieties which are disease resistant. Where possible, efficient foliar nutrition systems are employed reducing wastage.

Irrigation is used to maintain healthy growth in dry periods and water is drawn from boreholes in the sandstone aquifer below. Its use is carefully regulated by controlled time spray irrigation systems.

The felt used in our vegetative mat is made from recycled British textiles. Growing substrates are made from recycled soils and green waste and do not include peat.

There are numerous hedges, copses and areas of woodland on the farm that support a large and varied population of wildlife, and margins around our fields are left unmown to encourage insect and bird life.

Lindum strives to reach maximum fuel efficiency when making deliveries by using carefully selected hauliers whose vehicles meet the latest low emission standards.


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