Lindum has developed a range of wildflower, sedum and grass green roof mats designed to provide biodiverse, colourful and drought tolerant vegetation that flourish in the conditions created on a green roof. Sustainably grown in the UK they are supplied as a ready-to-roll-out instant vegetation layer.

A range of Green Roof Mats is available, together with a complete Green Roof Package containing growing medium and drainage layer.

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Sedum PlusWildflower & Perennial Mat

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Lindum Green Roof Package

Vegetation Layer Growing substrate Drainage Layer

One of the most exciting aspects of green roofs is their potential to support life in situations that would otherwise be largely barren and sterile.

Prof. Nigel Dunnett, University of Sheffield

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Case Studies

Thinking Wood Oak House

Thinking Wood Oak House

When James O’Keefe, a craftsman from Stirlingshire was asked to design an Oak House for a client he gave a lot of thought as to how he could naturalise the roof to blend in with the surrounding garden.   Lindum’s Wildflower Meadow Mat provided the perfect solution.

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Green Cities - a vital priority

On Tuesday I attended the Green City Conference organised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers. Delegates from the UK and around the world debated the benefits of urban green spaces and the issues surrounding the implementation of green infrastructure plans.